There are two ways to buy a new car: Random selection or by using From Car To Finish.  With the former, you just take your chances, roll the dice, and hoping the price you're offered "sounds about right."  With the latter, you get about as many facts as you can handle, including extensive details about the vehicle you're looking for, accessories, and details on how to go about evaluating prospective vehicles.  Most importantly, and for a very modest cost, they provide you with pricing offers from numerous dealers in your greater metro area.   It is in this area that FCTF excels. 

Recently, I had the good fortune of using From Car To Finish's service, and was amazed at the savings I ultimately achieved.  I was looking for a Lexus ES350, and qas quoted what I thought was a great price at the time-- just $695 ABOVE invoice.  The price seemed fine, but after receiving my From Car to Finish report, I was amazed to see quotes of up to $2500 BELOW invoice.  By using the From Car to Finish report, i found I could save over $3000!  Thanks to the rough estimates From Car to Finish provided on my trade-in, I was also able to get a bit more for it then I had been previously quoted.

There's no way I'm ever going to buy another car without first working with From Car To Finish.

PS:  The owner, Mike Rabkin, is a fountain of information.   Along the way from investigation to purchase, I had the great pleasure of discussing several purchase-related issues with him.  Each and every time we connected, he took the time to share information from his encyclopedic knowledge of the industry.  I felt extremely well informed after our many conversations, and am really enjoying my new car.  Well done, Mike!

E.R., Burke, VA

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