Federal Allies Institute

National non partisan trade organization for small business federal contractors started at Fort Myer, Virginia, and today champions the VET Act of Capitol Hill.

Working Advantage                                                                         

Nationwide 40,000 organization network offering employee discounts to 50 million employees.

Best Benefits Club    

Since 2002, Best Benefits Club has offered a comprehensive employee benefits program to help companies bond together and offer the best discounts to their staff, representing 600,000 employees.

National Motorists Association                                                             

Nationwide 9000+ member motorists rights group                                                                                                                      

National site serving over 10 million members of the military and their families                                                                                   

Nationwide online social network community for people in government, with over 200,000 members

The Motorcar Society  

The Motorcar Society is a Internet and Video Network with over 500 independently produced videos seen by thousands of viewers in over 100 countries each month.  Our Mission is to share the history of great automobiles and connect the people who share the passion and lifestyle of The Motorcar Society.


Women: Share your voice and write a dealer review

Rockville Rewards                                                                                                   

Local affinity program to support Rockville businesses and donate to Rockville nonprofits

Howard County Community College                                             

Local college in the Baltimore, MD area

Credit with Chris

Credit with Chris is a platform that provides credit consulting to help consumers learn how to safely build, restore and maintain good credit.  We are committed to sharing information about credit management and assisting clients to reach their goals by removing the obstacle of credit. 

Find The Best Car teaches consumers how to buy a car at the best possible price by emailing car dealers and making them compete against each other on price. They provide a step-by-step negotiating guide along with email samples and worksheets.

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